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How Do I File a Claim?

To our valued customers:

In the event of an accident or your vehicle has broken down and you need to utilize your roadside assistance, here are a few helpful tips to assist you:

  • Get to a safe place and if it is dark, turn on your flashers

  • For National General, dial 1-800-468-3466 and choose option 1 for roadside assistance

    • Roadside assistance coverage will have a tow service dispatched.

    • Towing only coverage - policyholders would need to contact a tow service of their choice and submit tow receipt to National General Insurance for reimbursement.​

  • For Progressive, dial 1-877-776-2436 and choose option 5, enter your policy number, and then follow the voice prompt commands

  • For Dairyland, dial 1-800-334-0090 choose option 1 and follow the voice prompt commands

In the case you are in an automobile accident:

  • Stop!  Stay calm.  Do not leave the scene.

  • Get help for anyone injured.

  • Contact the police

  • Collect the following information or get a driver exchange form from the police officer responding to the call:

Other Driver/Vehicle

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________________________

License Plate Number: __________________________________________

Insurance Company: ____________________________________________

Policy Number: ________________________________________________

Passenger Information:  Names and telephone numbers

Witnesses: Names and telephone numbers

Where the vehicle was towed (if applicable)


Always be prepared and ready to confirm your coverage and deductibles BEFORE something happens.

If we can be of assistance faxing forms or notarizing papers/forms, please contact us.

Life, Business, Homeowners, and Flood claims customers can refer to their policy for the steps to file a claim. For further assistance, contact agent at 252-334-1634.

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